Metrópoli Vector Illustration has been featured in Wacom Gallery

Great news! Our vector illustration for Metrópoli Gijón 2015 poster design has been featured on Wacom Gallery!!! Yes, these guys of Wacom know what they do! Thanks!

How to get the most of Dynamic sketch plugin for Illustrator

Today Astute Graphics have published in their blog another post written by me talking about Dynamic Sketch and Vector Scribe plugins for Adobe Illustrator. Do not hesitate to take a look if you want to get some tips on vector and digital illustration and improve your skills with these amazing tools. This post has been based on one of my latest vector illustrations so you will be able to know tips about my usual procedure and the creative process too. Hope you like it and… stay tooned!

How to get the most from DynamicSketch for vector illustration with the tips from experienced professional David Figuer

Metropoli Gijón 2015 poster contest

64 posters submitted to the Metrópoli Gijón 2015 contest, great quality in all of the, undoubtly we have incredible talent and creativers here in Asturias. Below you can see my proposal for the contest, hope you like it! In 15 days, we will know the winner, huge challenge!


TheToonPlanet is featured artist in Astute Graphics blog

Hi everybody! Happy to announce that TheToonPlanet and I have been selected as featured artist in the blog of Astute Graphics (Best plugin developers for Adobe Illustrator). Take a look and you will see how I use these plugins in my process of creation in my last vector illustration about Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland!

See the full post here


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland illustration

Here I left my last #vector #illustration based on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carrol. This image has been created for a collective exhibition in Oviedo around late spring. Finally, a limited edition of 10 units will be printed by serigraphy.

My main concern about creating this illustration was to convey the whole bunch of different stories and characters in only one image that could tell something representative about the tale with an unique and funny graphic style. At the bottom of this link, you will be able to see the full process of creation through a time-lapse video of my screen.

See more images at my Behance portfolio


Alice in wonderland sketch

Quick sketch about some characters from Alice in Wonderland for a funny and cute illustration! #illustration #sketch #drawing #alice #aliceinwonderland #cartoons #inking #characterdesign

Alice in Wonderland sketch

Little Red Riding Hood Pop-Up Illustration

Pop-Up Time! I have made this amusing “Little Red Riding Hood” cartoon-illustration testing some pop-up paper techniques. I’m really pleased with the result!

Little Red Riding Hood Pop-Up Illustration Little Red Riding Hood Pop-Up Illustration

Create a cute planet cartoon character in 9 steps

Brief step by step tutorial with tips and tricks for creating cartoon-style characters

In this tutorial I will explain and show you my process of how to create a cute planet cartoon character from a sketch in 9 easy steps with Adobe Illustrator. Here you will learn some tips about the usage of width tool, live paint, digital inking and refined sketching applied to the creation of cartoon characters. The techniques described below are part of my usual process of design, but you can take them as a reference to help you to improve your working process, applying them to your own style of illustration.

Tutorial Details
  • Program: Adobe Illustrator CS5 or more
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Topics Covered: Width tool, live paint, sketching, character creation
  • Estimated Completion Time: 1 hour

Step 1

In the initial stage I drew a fast rough sketch to place the basic proportions and shapes of the character. I usually draw the sketch with a pencil and papel and then scan it but this time I did it directly with the wacom tablet in Illustrator. I would recommend to try both posibilities and see which fits better your style, in my case, I prefer drawing pencil because I can draw in a natural way fastly.

TheToonPlanet Blog Tutorial: Cartoon Planet Character

Step 2

If you have a really initial good sketch you can avoid this step, but It will help you to construct better shapes and lines. You can set your actual layer as “template” for the rough sketch in options and create a new one for the final lines drawing over the previous strokes.

TheToonPlanet Blog Tutorial: Cartoon Planet Character

Step 3

In the third stage, I make the definitive lines and strokes, so I draw carefully with the pen tool or with my wacom tablet and drawscribe plugin. Don’t feel bad for using basic shape tools for making circles or rectangles if you need them, you will gain a lot of time for paying attention to other details.

TheToonPlanet Blog Tutorial: Cartoon Planet Character

Step 4

I have to delete some lines and set a wider stroke to all lines so I can see them better for the next step and for giving more visual power to the character.

TheToonPlanet Blog Tutorial: Cartoon Planet Character

Step 5

In the next two steps I use the illustrator width tool which helps me a lot in the digital inking process. Instead of using the normal pen tool and making all the shapes of the contour, I can modify the width of the strokes wherever I want.

TheToonPlanet Blog Tutorial: Cartoon Planet Character

Step 6

Take into account that outer strokes are wider than inner strokes, and detail strokes are the thinnest.

TheToonPlanet Blog Tutorial: Cartoon Planet Character

Step 7

Now, It’s time to use live paint, a tool which may help you coloring your character very fast. When you have filled all the color, you can emphasize the outer stroke a little more by adding a new one around all the character.

TheToonPlanet Blog Tutorial: Cartoon Planet Character

Step 8

I think eyes and mouth are drawing attention too much, so I decide to change them with a softer color and to delete the contour of the eyes.

TheToonPlanet Blog Tutorial: Cartoon Planet Character

Step 9

Finally, I change the basic color palette of the character into interesting gradients. Radial ones will help you to create shadow and light areas giving volume to the character, so I try this till I get a good result.

TheToonPlanet Blog Tutorial: Cartoon Planet Character

Final image

Put the characer over a background and add a thin outer white line and you will get an awesome cute cartoon planet!

TheToonPlanet Blog Tutorial: Cartoon Planet Character

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