New icon set design for promoting our range of professional services

Our brand new icon set design is created to be part of our corporate visual identity as a key component of marketing. These icons are intended to announce to new clients our professional design services properly. Also for increasing the rate of conversion of the visitors. We want you to trust TheToonPlanet’s professional design services. In the end, a more effective communitacion is transformed in benefits for both sides.

It is not a secret that we are redesigning our whole web site, updating all of our latest portfolio projects and artwork and also improving the usability of all pages. A result, we have created this fanciful icon set design.

Yesterday, we have a funny day creating this icons for representing the different categories in which our services are grouped. We hope you like them and feel confortable to find anything with the new organization of contents. Our focus was to group all info in less sections and with more synthetic and clear texts. Our portfolio and projects page will compile full galleries of our best work as usual (Still needs to be updated). However you will find different sections under services page that will compile our work by type:

On the other hand, we have eliminated Spanish language in our website in order to focus our content in English only. This is due we want to be more efficient updating new contents. But do not be afraid, we are still offering personal and technical support in both languages.

We are still testing to improve our pages in desktop and mobile browsing, but it is a long work procedure. Every little change has to be checked in desktop at different screen resolutions, phones and tablets and also with other users.) Last years we have been specializing also in wordpress web design and woocommerce, so this vast experience will be traduced in a much more usable and efficient web site. Every change is an opportunity to improve and overpass our limits.

Are professional graphic design services expensive or cheap?

Creative studios and professional freelance designers and illustrators should teach our little or new clients to value our professional graphic design services and the benefits they carry to their companies and products. It is not a matter of if it is expensive or not, focus should be pointed on ROI (Return of inversion) instead of if these professional graphic design services have high or low prices.

As Ralph Spetch, CEO of Land Rover Jaguar, said in a famous quote:

If you think good design is expensive, you should at the cost of bad design

The example below shows us clearly a predominant ignorance in some people that not are used to deal with graphic design and illustration freelancers and advertising agencies. Luckily, new generation of entrepreneurs and start-ups are showing a renewed interest about the quality of their brands and how they are shown to the world.

– 9.00 h. Voy al bar a tomar café, riquísimo oye, pero iba a pagar el camarero me dijo: «Son 1,20 euros», y así, sin pensar,
le respondí: «Pero si eso lo hace mi mujer en casa igual, si no lleva más que agua! Toma un euro, anda, que ya está más que
bien pagado”.

It is very important to our profession to keep conscius about this problem and do not let some “clients” devalue our work, as a studio we do not do that when we hire services form our providers. Branding and graphic design leads its result from complexity to simplicity, so we have to make this people to understand that simple does not mean, not worked, because usually it takes a lot of hard-working hours to developed something in a proper way and finally for conveying the correct message to the final customer of their brand.

In the end, professional graphic design services mean proper rates in exchange, if you choose a low quality design services, in the end the recognition of your entire brand will pay a lot more in the future for saving up a little firstly. Please, do not do this to your company and products if you want them to be successful.

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