Vector cartoon city illustration (Boks Urban Nature)

Details of the project

BOKS is a clothing brand for urban nature people from all around the world. The brand has fashionable and trendy clothes and this is represented through advertising and this promotional vector cartoon city illustration with this fresh and cartoon modern vector style. Also, a vector logo design and a brand symbol is designed for identifying the brand.

In 2015, BOKS vector city illustration is selected for promoting the School of Arts of Oviedo and its illustration higher certificate and the illustration is placed in a big mupi in one of the main entrances of Oviedo city, capital of Principality of Asturias.

In addition, this illustration lead us to be asked to write a featured blog post about using dynamic sketch illustration plugin of Astute Graphics.

Below you can see also an incredible time lapse video recorded for let you watch our detailed and finest illustration and design work process in just a couple of minutes.

  • Client: Boks

  • Category: Illustration, vector art, logo design

  • Date: 05-02-2016

  • Tools: Wacom Intuos 22HD, Adobe Illustrator, pencil