Alice in Wonderland Vector Illustration

Details of the project

Alice adventures in Wonderland Vector Illustration with cartoon style characters in a funny and creative Wonderland world. This classic tale was written by the famous author Lewis Carroll and has been illustrated several times through centuries. In this case, our creation has been drawn for a collective and collaborative exhibition in Oviedo in late spring of 2015. Finally, a very limited and exclusive edition of 20 units was manufactured by serigraph printing of each illustration.

My main target when I was creating this illustration was to pack all the different group of funny characters and stories in only one illustration and be able to tell something representative about this classic story with a cheerful and fresh aesthetic.

This illustration made us featured artist in Astute Graphics blog, a famous company that creates plugins for Adobe Illustrator. You can check there our post and see our tips and tricks about creating a cartoon vector illustration using Astute Graphics plugins

  • Client: Collaborative exhibition in Oviedo

  • Category: Illustration, character design, serigraph printing

  • Date: 05-05-2015

  • Tools: Wacom Intuos 22HD, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, pen and paper