Sketch compilation and drawings from personal moleskine and other projects

About the project

Sketches and drawings from my moleskine, most of them made for pleasure, personal projects or just fun. I try to make this compilation grouping related types of illustration and characters (My sketchbook is really chaotic in this aspect) Mainly, sketches were doodled with pencil but I have used ink and markers in some cases too.

Most characters are created from my imaginary but also I’ve been inspired and have drawn my favourite characters from films, anime or videogames. Hope you like them at least the half I did!


Illustration, cartooning, sketching, drawing, character drawing


Personal project
(Spain, 2013-2014)

Tools used

  • Moleskine
  • Pencil blue, red, HB, 2b, 2H
  • Markers, chine ink, kuretake brush, pencils, nibs