Illustration, product artworks and packaging design for a full range of kites for Costco

About the project

Costco is one of the largest companies in wholesale and retail supplier of United States.

A total of 14 kites, 14 window boxes and 14 illustrations with instructions for assembly and disassembly were performed for this client. Our part was mainly to make artworks for printing patterns of these Costco kites and commercial illustrations of each model and packaging design with their mock-ups.

In the Costco kites range, we also had the pleasure to design kites and packagings from some licenses from Marvel such as Iron Man, Avengers and Spider-man.


Illustration, kite design, product design


(USA, 2013)

Tools used

  • Apple Imac
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Pencil and paper
  • Wacom Intuos