TIpos Malos: Ilustración para Principia Kids

Vector Illustrations for “Tipos Malos”, a story from Principia Kids

Tipos malos, a short story written by Isabel Sebastián and illustrated by David Figueiras / TheToonPlanet for Principia Kids

We have the pleasure to announce the new work we have done for Principia. These vector illustrations are created to tell the tale written by Isabel Sebastián. In the story, from the innocent and curious perspective of a child,  everything that happens when the doctor vaccinate her little sister is explained.

Principia is a magazine and online blog of popular science for all ages. In their posts and pages, Principia focuses in the creation of high quality articles, additionally, the magazine gives the opportunity to read concise and well explained texts which all audiencies can understand easily. Additionally, everything is shown with a deluxe layout and an eye-catching design. In Principia Kids, stories are adapted for a younger target, a perfect space for children where learning while reading and having fun.

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TIpos Malos: Ilustración para Principia Kids

Ilustración vectorial para “Tipos Malos”, relato de divulgación científica infantil escrito por Isabel Sebastián